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WIP: Elephants and Devils – a run and gun with a twist

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Work on my next game is well underway. This time it is a horizontally scrolling run and gun with a little twist: Instead of having just yourself to protect, you must also protect a large elephant who is under attack from little devils.

This adds a little bit of strategy to the game, as the player and the elephant share the same lifebar, but if the elephant is hit, less life will be drained than if the player is hit.

There are also other strategical elements in the game, often based on when you shoot an enemy, and there will be an elaborate score-system. I am also working on an online high-score feature.

I hope to have a demo out by the end of next week, showcasing the first 5 of 25 levels.


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May 8, 2011 at 9:36 am

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